Ahwatukee Emergency Contact Details

photo of Phoenix Police SUV
602-26-26-151 Phoenix Police seen in Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee Emergency Contacts

The Ahwatukee emergency contacts list should be programmed in to everyone’s address book. As a community, we can be vigilant and proactive about our Ahwatukee area.  The best course of action is to contact the appropriate office.  At a minimum, the Phoenix police non-emergency number 602-262-6151 should be in our cell phone.  The number could potentially prevent a crime. The non-emergency number is easy to remember. Area code six oh two, two six, two six, one five one.

Phoenix At your service is an online resource.  Once you are registered, you will be able to submit and track tickets.  The website makes it easy if you have time to fill out the details.

Services Requests online

Several emergency contacts to keep programmed in to your smart phone have been collected together.  The table below contains the contact details for many local government offices.  These offices are in charge of the various public health and security domains.  The city cannot react to an issue if they don’t know it exists.  It is everyone’s responsibility to assist the government offices that are funded by our tax dollars.  Do not assume that someone has already called one of the Ahwatukee emergency contact numbers.  A proactive approach will have a greater impact. Additionally, it will be helpful to the department to get input from several individuals.  This will allow the department to properly triage each issue.  The local Phoenix  government office can then decide what level of importance to place and schedule repairs or other services.

Finally, we all want to live in a safe and clean environment.  As an Ahwatukee resident, we can make a difference by using the numbers here below.

Crime in Progress (Emergency)
Crime Stop (Non-Emergency)
Speeding Vehicles (License Plate# and call)
Street Light Out:
Blight, Neighborhood Services, Property Violations
Gang Hotline
General Info. P.D.
Graffiti Busters
Illegal Dumping
Signs of Terrorism
Water in Street
Abandoned Vehicles
South Mountain Police Precinct:
ANIMALSBarking Dog
Dead Animal
Stray Animal