My Ahwatukee in Phoenix Arizona


Ahwatukee Back Yard Desert Views - photo courtesy Afton Richie Trails
Sunset or Sunrises - photo courtesy of Mary Bogdanov
Desert Sunset - photo courtesy Afton Richie Trails
Morning walks or running with a view - photo courtesy Afton Richie Trails
Typical breathtaking serene desert sunset out on the desert trails - photo courtesy of Jean Paramore Laneri

Ahwatukee is a residential area located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.  The wikipedia information page on Ahwatukee provides some background and history regarding this magnificent area.  With over 80,000 residents, there are a lot of neighbors and several small subdivisions that make up the Ahwatukee area.  Lots of the subdivisions are part of Ahwatukee Home Owner Associations.  If you are considering moving to Ahwatukee, review a list of recommended realtors that can assist you with the purchase of a new home.  Until the list is generated, read up on a personal favorite, Ahwatukee Top Rated Realtor.  If you have school aged children, you will want to view the list of local area schools as part of your research.

For those of us that already live in the Ahwatukee area, please feel free to use this site to find and discover all the great local businesses that make up this community.  You can easily navigate the sections by using the menu at the top for Restaurants, Services, and Repairs.

With all the information overload available, one can get caught wasting time with several website pages before getting the answers they really need.  The search engines will give you what it thinks you want based upon statistical data.  This website will be an attempt to gather all those tidbits of information from around the area and present them with some type of authoritative view and opinions for what Ahwatukee information you need.  The major focus will be recommendations for local owned and operated businesses.

Please feel free to provide your feedback for any information that you would like to see added to this website.  You can send an e-mail to the website administrator –  I have only lived in the Ahwatukee area since December 2010.  I am sure there is lots of information that we can cover.  If you are on Facebook, you can check out the local Egroups.  I have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions section based upon the Ahwatukee411 Facebook Group recommendations.  Finally, I have created my own Byrd’s list of local favorite Ahwatukee businesses.If your list differs than mine, shoot me over the list with links and I’ll create a page for you.

The current challenge is how to present the information in a mobile friendly manner that makes it easy and convenient to search or find the details that you need.

Eventually, I will figure out how to cover Ahwatukee area jobs.  Until then, there is a Posting on the Ahwatukee411 Facebook group every Monday where local businesses can post their current job openings.

This website will also be my training tool for building websites.  Your patience is greatly appreciated while I learn how to use WordPress to build a site.