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Dog groomer options in Ahwatukee are plentiful since so many households have pets. Go ahead and contact Shampooch at (480) 759-1699 to schedule an appointment. Locating a dog groomer is very similar to the process of finding the right hair dresser. Everyone typically wants the very best for what many people consider a member of the family. If you live in Ahwatukee or nearby, there are several local and mobile dog grooming shops in the area. Most of them offer small to medium size dog grooming service for around $50.00. The usual time spent grooming the dog is from two to three hours depending on the services and cleaning the dog requires.  Several grooming locations require you to show proof of rabies and other vaccinations before they can put you on their schedule.  This is to not only protect your own family dog, but also the other dogs that would be exposed at the location.  Be sure to locate your paperwork and have it ready in case that is a requirement of the dog groomer location you pick. The team that works at Shampooch Dog Spaw take great care of our dogs.  Even when one of ours got a little excited, the team there just quickly cleaned up the mess and told us there was no need to be embarrassed or to worry about anything. 

Dog Groomer Location

Shampooch Corner Lot

Shampooch Dog Spaw is located on Chandler Blvd on the right if you are headed West. Our dogs always come home happy and festive after their visit to the dog groomers at Shampooch. This is why Shampooch dog spaw is our favorite dog groomer at 42nd Street on Chandler Blvd. Their location is within 2 miles of our home. They happen to be on one of the main streets in and out of the Ahwatukee area.

Dog Groomer Holding cages

There are a few locations that boast of “free range, never caged” options while your family dog is waiting their turn at the grooming table.  If this is important to you, then you may want to be sure to ask the question. Even though Shampooch uses cages, the cages appear to be very accommodating.  The waiting stalls for the dogs are like apartment complexes.  There are smaller cages on the top and then larger ones at the bottom.

Shampooch Custom Waiting Rooms

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