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El Taco Santo

El Taco Santo specializes in Sonora style street tacos.  They use only premium meat cooked over a gas grill, fresh flour and corn tortillas, and home made salsas.  Their recipes have been in their family for generations and now they bring it to various locations all over Phoenix for all to enjoy.   Currently, they like to set up at 40th Street and Chandler Blvd in the Firestone Parking lot.  They are typically set up in this location Tuesday through Sunday, 6:30PM to 8:30PM.  Sometimes the start and finish time varies due to demand for tacos or their availability.  The Taco Santo website provides additional information about their taco business.

Best Taco Tuesday

The best taco Tuesday special in Ahwatukee is right here at Taco Santo. The combos are $2.00 dollars off! They set up earlier in the day on Taco Tuesday in the parking lot of Firestone complete auto care. They typically start around 11:30AM and go until 8:30PM. There are several Taco Tuesday options in the area, but El Taco Santo is the best taco Tuesday to visit.

Taco Santo Menu

Taco Santo Menu is limited to beef tacos and quesadillas.  They do not offer chicken or fish, which is often requested. Even so, the tacos offered are the best tacos in the state of Arizona and definitely the best taco in Ahwatukee.

The Taco Menu

  • The Santo Combo – 3 tacos and a cheese quesadilla – $10 bucks ($2 off on Tuesdays)
  • The Demon combo – 3 tacos and a quesadilla with meat – $12 bucks ($2 off on Tuesdays)
  • A single taco that is worth every penny – $3 bucks

Drinks Menu

  • They have canned sodas – $1 buck
    • Dr. Pepper
    • Coke
    • Diet Coke
    • Sprite
    • Others
  • Bottled water – $1 buck

I can be stuffed after 2 tacos but never waste food and finish the 3rd taco. Seriously though. These tacos are really good.  Most fast food places you just grab a meal and woof it down, well at least that is what I do.  For these tacos, I try to really enjoy them.  Eating them slowly and thinking about all the flavors.  They are best enjoyed with great friends of course.

Ordering tacos

The process of ordering tacos to go is pretty painless, if you don’t have time to stick around and enjoy them.  El Taco Santo typically has tables and chairs set up and music playing in the background at their location.
El Taco Santo The Blue Demon Taco Truck
You just walk up to the individual taking orders and let them know you want a Santo Combo, a Demon combo, or the number of individual tacos. You should also specify flour or corn tortillas at the time of ordering.  Once they give you your order,  you get to cozy up to the table with all the fixings and load up your taco.  There is cabbage shreds, pico de gallo, salsa, and a green avocado sauce.  If  you are getting it to go and it takes more than 10 minutes for you to get home, you may want to use their small containers and grab some toppings to put on your tacos later.  This is what I do when I want to have them for lunch the next day at work.  This way I only heat up the tacos and not the toppings.  Otherwise, I will just open the to go container and load up my tacos.

Example of what you can expect when you order.

naked tacos from taco santo

Then, after you apply all of your desired fixings:

Taco Santos 2 tacos

Taco Santo started in 2017 in the Ahwatukee area.  They have since catered several local events. Feel free to head over to the list of other local Mexican Food favorites for the Ahwatukee area.  There are many options in the area.  Especially if el Taco Santo is busy catering an event and you have a craving for Mexican cuisine.

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