Madjak Pest Weed and Turf Services

Photo of Madjak Pest Weed and Turf services vehicle with Logo and contact phone number
Pest Weed and Turf Local owned business in Ahwatukee
Madjak Pest Weed and Turf

The focus is weed control service. Madjak Pest Weed and Turf Services is an Ahwatukee landscaping business.  They can be contacted at 480-452-7423. You can also e-mail him at  Todd Pope is the owner and operator.  Additionally, they offer pest control, lawn care, and artificial grass solutions.  They proudly offer an ironclad guarantee. Madjak Pest Weed and Turf services is a dependable company that delivers the services they offer.  Their knowledge, expertise, and passion will give you the best looking lawn you have ever witnessed.  One of their taglines is “We grow it, You mow it.” Contact them today to get started on the perfect lawn.

Todd has earned a spotlight position here on the website under the lawn care services section.  His company and personal values align with MyAhwatukee website. The focus is on customer service.  Be sure to check out the other areas of the website for Restaurants, Services, and Repairs

Weed Control Services

weed control Identification pallet of weeds in Arizona
Identification pallet of weeds in Arizona

Weed control services offered by Madjak Pest Weed and Turf services will provide all of their customers an incredible looking lawn. A weed free property for six months is a popular service offering in the winter. Weed control services start again in February. The Phoenix area experiences warm weather and a few rain showers.  This combination makes weeds grow large and fast.  It is a time consuming challenge to keep your lawn weed free. The assistance of a professional service can save time.  They service the Ahwatukee and surrounding areas. Madjak Pest Weed and Turf Services processes keep lawns weed free and healthy. Feel free to visit the Madjack Facebook page to see photos of their work and testimonies. 

Pest Control Services

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Common pest seen in Ahwatukee

Pest Control Services is another offering by Madjak Pest Weed and Turf Services. A pest control service is a virtual requirement in the desert climate of Phoenix. The frequency of scorpions, black widow spiders, and ants seen increases dramatically in the summer. Anyone unfortunate enough to experience a scorpion sting can confirm the need for pest control. If you have noticed these and other pests in and around your home, contact Todd Pope for a consultation. The products and solutions used are pet and kid friendly. Every situation is different, but typically you only need to exterminate the pests outside the home. This will protect your Ahwatukee property by cutting off their food supply.

Lawn Care Services

Healthy Lawn care results in Ahwatukee

Lawn care services offered by Madjak Pest Weed and Turf Services come highly recommended by current customers. Lawn care and maintenance can be challenging in the Phoenix area. It is possible to have a healthy vibrant green lawn, even in one of the warmest environments such as Ahwatukee. Madjak Pest Weed and Turf Services offer guaranteed lawn care services. They have been able to turn around even the worst blighted areas. If you don’t believe your lawn can achieve envy status of your neighbors, give Todd a call. Let an expert provide an assessment.

Lawn care services is strongly recommend if you are considering selling your home. With the proper plan in place your lawn can increase the value of your house. A healthy lawn adds to the curb appeal. Reach out at least sic months before placing the home on the market.

Artificial Grass

photo of artificial grass, the natural blend series
Quality Artificial Grass Options – Cool Flo technology

Artificial grass is man-made fibers that appear to be real grass. Synthetic grass is another name for artificial grass. Artificial grass is ideal for home owners or renters with limited time for lawn care. Artificial or synthetic grass is commonly associated with sporting events. Synthetic grass has man benefits. One of the greatest benefits would be durability. It can last for up to twenty years and even longer. It has very low maintenance requirements after installation. There is no monthly watering with several gallons of water. No need to hire a landscaping company to perform regular grass cutting. No need for fertilizers, weed control, pest control, nor bi-annual over-seeding. If these benefits sound appealing to you, please reach out to Todd Pope today. Todd uses “Cool Flo” Synthetic Turf , safe for kids & pets.